Analysis of: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

I literally just watched this movie five minutes ago, so don’t judge my poor analysis skills.

My opinion: LOVED IT

This movie, to me, combined a lot of different genres.  It’s a comedy,  romance story, video game movie and a “kick-ass” action movie.  Disregarding all genres this movie combines, I decided this movie uses the narrative device known as an allegory.  If you know what an allegory is, then you know it is a pretty vague term and can’t really define what this movie is, so let me throw another term out there.

Frame story.  Wikipedia defines it better than I do, but a frame story is basically a story that aides as a catalyst for understanding (I just stumbled onto this term myself).  If you’ve seen the movie, or even seen the previews, then you know Scott Pilgrim has to defeat seven evil ex boyfriends.  Now, each of these boyfriends, and the fights, are a different, smaller, story within the main romance story.  (Confused yet?)  Now, it is my theory that there is a story helping the viewer follow so it doesn’t seem like an awkward transition.  I am not sure at this point.  Like I said, I watched the movie five minutes ago and I just drove 1wo hours, so I’m pretty out of it.  I just couldn’t resist writing about this terrific movie.

As for the allegory, it’s pretty clear what items are acting as a metaphor.  For instance, the sword of  love and the sword of self-respect are obvious metaphors.  What does this tell us?  The whole video game aspect of this movie is the top lining of the allegorical story structure.  So what is the bottom line?  What is the message cleverly disguised behind all  this video game “Eye candy?”

That is obvious too.  it’s the love story, isn’t it?  Well, at this point of reviewing the movie, yes,  But I really have to take a look under this movie’s hood to determine my theory.  But why make an allegorical style story that is so obvious?  Most stories require some serious thinking before the true story can be identified.  Take Dracula for example, the famous epistolary novel written by Bram Stoker.  There was actually a message telling the reader, throughout the entire novel, there is a thin line between a man and a monster.  It wasn’t obvious unless you read the book from cover to cover, and you had to think about it a little bit.

The question is: why make a allegorical movie, but make the hidden message so obvious?  That question I will leave up to you to answer because I am too tired to think anymore.

On a side note.  I realize there is a comic book to this movie and I am aware the comic book was made before the movie.  I will look into it and I’ll most-likely post about the comic book a swell.



Phew.  So I just finished my project.  Although it isn’t uploading properly. Not sure why that is.  But finishing it was a satisfying experience.

Honestly, I liked working on the Sounds Slides project alone better than I did with a partner.  No offense to my partner, but without one, I can use all my ideas without having to omit any of them from the project.  Also, doing this project on my own gave me such an accomplished feeling.  There are some things on the project that I wish I would had done better, but for the Time I had, and other hardships, I feel like i did a hell of a job.

The first problem I had was also the first thing I had to do.  Find a story.  Now, I never had a problem finding someone who wanted to talk to me, but this time was different.  I wanted to do a story on evolution vs. creation, but my source, a Baptist minister, wanted too much protection from me as a journalist.  Next, I was going to do a story on the new Xbox 360, but the people at Game Stop wanted to be paid for their testimony.

Honestly, I’m glad these story ideas fell through because the one I did was perfect.  (You’ll have to wait until I publish it).  It’s funny though, the people who agreed to an interview  could possibly lose their jobs because of what they said.  WHY in the hell will they speak up, but a couple of nerds that work at Game Stop won’t talk to me about a stupid game?  It baffles me, but I guess I don’t care at this point.

Now the things I would change.  Because of the nature of the interview process, there was some distracting background noises.  I did my best to doctor them, but they are still a slight annoyance.  I would of liked more time to experiment with these problems, but I didn’t have the time.  Also, I feel I really sacrificed the photography to this project. in order to protect my sources, I had to limit what I photographed.  I tried to balance my photography with effective story telling, but there was only so much that I can do.

Sound Slides Analysis

There were other students who did projects similar to mine using Sound Slides.  You can see all the projects by clicking Here.  these projects were done in groups of two.  Some of my favorites were Wyoming Cowboy Basketball: A Legacy by Dyann Diercks and Brooke Eades, Laramie Animal Shelter by Nic Behnke and Tracie Perkins and This is High Country by Adrienne Morency and Courtney Wilhelm.

I initially clicked on Wyoming Cowboy Basketball: A Legacy because I like the sport.  However, I wasn’t attracted to the story through the headline.  A lot of people think a colon in a title or  headline adds something to the title/headline, but not always.  I feel the headline could have done without “: A Legacy.”

However, the rest of the project is very good.  It’s probably my favorite among the other projects.  The most noticeable aspect of the project, to me, was the way all the forms of media flows.  Making sure all the forms of media are flowing together is difficult to do for a project like this, but Dyann and Brooke pulled it off.  I also liked the timing of each picture.  On my project and a lot of the others, the transitions from one picture to the next wasn’t smooth and usually very quick.

I could praise this project all day, but I want to talk about one thing That bothered me.  They didn’t use captions, which I actually liked.  I felt the captions on the other projects were distracting.  However, there was one place I wished they did have a caption.  They showed a picture of what I think is the coach of the Wyoming basketball team, but I’m not sure.  I think a caption would had been helpful there.

Good job Dyann and Brooke.  I  feel that you set the standard for this project.

Laramie Animal Shelter is probably my second favorite.  I really liked the narrative flow of the first interviewee.  He had a steady voice and the transitions were smooth.  I also liked the introduction.  Most of the projects didn’t lead in with the interviewee verbally introducing themselves, but this one does.  I like that because it gives the interviewee more credibility.  The introduction also had just the right amount of ambient noise to get me into the story, and the first photo was relevant as well.  It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway.  I really like the introduction to this project.

The biggest problem with this project was the captioning.  I know that captions can help tell the story, but the captions in this project were too long and gave me little time to read them.  I also disliked the abrupt ending this project had.  The second interviewee was speaking, and then it just ended.  the project should of had a better ending.

This is High Country.  well, I listened to this project because of the interesting title, and found it was a very clever title. ( You’ll have to listen to know what I mean.)  I really appreciate this project because it utilized, in my opinion, a very difficult way of doing an audio interview.  It seems Adrienne and Courtney interviewed all three of their sources at once, and it turned out pretty good.  I would say this “shared interview” humanized the interviewees.  I also really liked the captions in this one.  they aren’t distracting and add something to the narrative flow.  I especially liked the caption at (2:10).  The transitions are very smooth, and I don’t really mind the occasional cough or chuckle from the other interviewees in the shared interview.

The ending was “wrapped up” in a sense, but I felt a better job of wrapping up the story could have been accomplished.  I also didn’t like the absence of ambient noise in this story.  They had a little at the beginning, but this is a story on a musical group.  I’m sure a better effort could have been made in collecting interesting ambient noise.