Phew.  So I just finished my project.  Although it isn’t uploading properly. Not sure why that is.  But finishing it was a satisfying experience.

Honestly, I liked working on the Sounds Slides project alone better than I did with a partner.  No offense to my partner, but without one, I can use all my ideas without having to omit any of them from the project.  Also, doing this project on my own gave me such an accomplished feeling.  There are some things on the project that I wish I would had done better, but for the Time I had, and other hardships, I feel like i did a hell of a job.

The first problem I had was also the first thing I had to do.  Find a story.  Now, I never had a problem finding someone who wanted to talk to me, but this time was different.  I wanted to do a story on evolution vs. creation, but my source, a Baptist minister, wanted too much protection from me as a journalist.  Next, I was going to do a story on the new Xbox 360, but the people at Game Stop wanted to be paid for their testimony.

Honestly, I’m glad these story ideas fell through because the one I did was perfect.  (You’ll have to wait until I publish it).  It’s funny though, the people who agreed to an interview  could possibly lose their jobs because of what they said.  WHY in the hell will they speak up, but a couple of nerds that work at Game Stop won’t talk to me about a stupid game?  It baffles me, but I guess I don’t care at this point.

Now the things I would change.  Because of the nature of the interview process, there was some distracting background noises.  I did my best to doctor them, but they are still a slight annoyance.  I would of liked more time to experiment with these problems, but I didn’t have the time.  Also, I feel I really sacrificed the photography to this project. in order to protect my sources, I had to limit what I photographed.  I tried to balance my photography with effective story telling, but there was only so much that I can do.


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