A Look at Audio Stories… I mean a Listen

One of my morning rituals is to listen to the news on my way to work, but I never thought of listening to an audio story in the critical sense.

As I was looking for stories to critique online I found a New York Times audio story collection called One in 8 million .  The collection has several monolouges of New York natives.

Without even thinking, I clicked on the first story, but I was instantly intrigued by the title and the person’s name.  The story is called The Kinky Lover a monolouge by Lolita Wolf.  The reason it was so shocking is because I was instantly remineded of the novel Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov.  For those of you who aren’t literature buffs, the content of this novel is extremely sexual in nature, which is why I found it interesting a person with that name was telling this story.

Wolf is 52 yeas old and is a member of New York’s B.D.S.M.  bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism.  In the story, Wolf talks about her personal experience of being a rough lover.  I really liked the story, and it flowed well as far as tansitions go.  I also liked how the story was ended.  It’s hard to say what the journalist did well or poorly in a story like this because it is just one person talking about their experience.  I believe the journalist was responsable for the smooth transitions, so I give him credit for that.  As for everything else; I give credit to the story teller, Lolita Wold

The next story I found was on the NPR website titled Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge Prepares for Travelers.  The story is about a bridge being built by hoover dam so travelers don’t have to drive over the dam.  Even though I didn’t like the headline, the story was quite grabbing, but I didn’t like the story as much as I liked The Kinky Lover.  The reason is I didn’t feel the narration moved as smoothly, and the narrative voice, the reporter, spoke too slowly for my taste. 

The Journalist did provide good quotes.  Everyone that spoke said relevant and interesting thngs about the bridge and its construction, and the quotes were also colorful.  overall I liked this story, but I feel the story is better suited for a different storytelling format because there are a lot of visually interesting things to a story about a bridge.

For the next story i went back to the One in 8 Million story collection and listened to the story titled Henrique Prince:The Subway Buster.  The story is about a man that taught himself to play the violin and plays with his band at the Time Square Subway station.

Unlike the other story from the series, this story had ambient noise.  It was relevant and fit well in some parts of the story, but the man spoke so softly the noise was distracting in some areas.  I actually had to listen to the story twice because I found myself distracted by the music and not listening to the narrator.

I liked this story because it is a perfect example of a story that should be told in an audio format.  What better way to tell a stoy about music then audio?

I truely liked all three stories, and it was hard for me to find anything wrong with them, but I nit picked and found some things, but these stories are all bery well done.


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